F A I R Y   T A I L   T E A M   B  +  P O K E M O N   [Team A]
FT sprites credit: ripped by (x) (x) and made by me
Pokémon sprites from (x)


crying doesn't mean you're weak. 
it means you've been strong for too long.
Sorry for everything, Natsu… I’ve been inside you this whole time.
we will make it through 


He is my most beloved friend and my bitterest rival, 

my confidant and my betrayer,

my sustainer and my dependent,

and scariest of all, my equal.”

―Gregg Levoy

Fairy Tail Chapter 400 - Wings of Hope
Fairy Tail Chapter 400 - Wings of Hope


❝ Wanna rematch, chief? ❞

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Well, you can call this the next panel to my HTTYD crossover i did last month. Many thanks for mungoe for giving the name of Levy’s dragon: Whirlwind and Natsu’s one: Hearthfire (she also came up with some pretty names for other dragons in this fanfic, make sure to check it out if you like the AU).

*that’s all and yeah, continues on the hiatus*


His feelings, unable to become words, 
Become tear drops that fall on the battlefield.